Board of Trustees

Mr. Neeraj Kumar Agarwal

A leading businessman of Moradabad.

Mr. Sudhir. Gupta

A top ranking legal practitioner of Moradabad.

Vice Chairman
Mr. Pradeep Jain

He is in real estate business man. He is Chairman of Parsvnath group of companies.

Vice Chairman
Mr. Y.P Gupta

A top ranking architect of Moradabad.

Mr. Anil Kumar Agarwal

A reputed and leading businessman of Moradabad.

Joint Secretary
Mr. Adarsh Kumar Agarwal

A reputed and leading businessman of Moradabad.

Mr.Arvind Kumar Goel

A leading businessman of Moradabad.

Past Chairman


Message by Chairman

Mr.Neeraj Agarwal

I have great pleasure in introducing you to our MIT College of Management. The college reflects a management education system producing skilled manpower of  the highest quality to meet complex managerial needs for economic development of the country. MlT College of' Management is different from other business schools in several ways. One of the unique features is the concept of Social Internship, undertaken by the students, which sensitizes them to the social issues. The College offers opportunities to specialize concurrently in the functional areas of management as well as in the select industry verticals. For realizing the vision, we stand committed to provide outstanding guidance, leadership, faculty, physical infrastructure and alliances with leading busyness schools In lndla. I invite you to experience a different management college environment and help us make a difference to our society.

Message by Secretary


MIT College of Management is contributing to the highest degree to secure the worthwhile careers of its students in a range of leading organizations and Industries. MIT College of Management has been creating continuous efforts to provide the best infrastructure and an affable atmosphere for teaching, learning and mentoring so that students possibly will develop their skills, knowledge and attitude to serve our country with perseverance, commitment, with a sense of the vision and mission of the Institute. I wish a successful career of aspirants of MBA at MIT College of Management and a different progressive vision, approach and attitude of looking at the situations.

Message by Director General

Prof.(Dr.) R.B.Saxena

The Moradabad Institute of Technology, established In 1996, is marching ahead on the glorious path of academic excellence by enabling 100% placement of registered students. Management and faculty members of  MET group of Institutions are highly committed to impart excellence  in education to our young budding managers who will take our Motherland  India to great heights and establish themselves as Incredible Indians. In our academic endeavors, we are following the true meaning of education, i.e. Motivation, Innovation and Transformation which Is what MIT stands for. At MIT  we endow with a holistic educational practice in a vibrant learning  environment.

One of the miracles of nature is the formation of a pearl Inside an oyster. Taking a cue from this gleaming evolution, MIT nurtures and transforms its students, empowering them to gain leverage in the future with various skills such as communication, leadership, management, etc. so that they can do extremely well In every field of life. Our conviction, commitment, dedication and desire towards achieving the pinnacle of academic excellence is so high and vibrant that these tools will make this Institute one day a great seat of learning having glorious position in the Eastern hemisphere of the world and pray to the Almighty to shower the kind blessings to attain  this. I wish great success to all the students.

Message by Director

Dr. Manish Agarwal

It is necessary that our educational society serves as a vehicle for the academic development, extending its fundamental mission as there are dramatic changes occurring in the business environment we require to adapt and upgrade globally. Our budding managers need to get a grip on all these changes to ensure that their organizations survive the ongoing convulsions of the global economy in the belief that management scholars and social scientists should integrate disciplines in an attempt to understand the complexities of contemporary management challenges. A national seminar on innovation: a new success mantra is shaped up for meeting the challenges ahead which is accomplished by academicians and Industry experts as they generate valuable contribution to the society at large, I extent my heartiest gratitude to all for making this a success.


Student testimonials

"During the entire course I have been provided by world class infrastructure and faculty who helped me grow in every respect of life. At the end, all I needed is an opportunity to get myself placed in my dream company. Thanks to MIT CPC & Placement cell for providing me the platform..

Tusharika Rastogi

"Training and Placement Department is an integral part of our institute. Training activities are organized throughout the year in an effort towards preparing the prospective students for campus interviews.

Charu Sharma

"CPC not only provided me the global environment but also made me corporate ready. Rigor and structure of the course has been designed keeping in mind the uncertain challenges that we would face in the corporate world.

Arpit Agarwal